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Firewood Stove With A Fan Blower

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The stove is just for outdoor use. Easy to carry, and can cook a meal once for 1-2 person. It comes with a fan blower to impulse enough oxygen into the chamber to burn the fuel sufficiently. That's why it produces little smoke when burning.

Just connect your power bank to it, then you can have a totally special new outdoor experience you never had:

Check the quality:


1. This stove is designed for solid biomass fuel, such as tree root, bark ,pine, pine cone, twig, bushes, straw, nuts shell, paper, etc.
2. The temperature of Chamber is above 1000℃, when it is operating. Strong fire power, High efficiency, Fuel saving.
3. Stainless steel fuel chamber. It is easy to light the fire.
4. Φ120mm, H230mm. light weight. Small volume, and easy to take.
5. Enamel surface treatment of pot stand support, It can resist high temperature, and nice windbreak effect.
6. Reinforcing rib of stove barrel with different colors, etc. It is easy to pour out the ember.
7. Can be used for long term. Easy for storage. Best choice for outdoor camping!


List: Stove*1, Poker*1, Bag*1


Introductions: Take the right way to get the burning effect.

1. In order to get the best cooking result, choose the right size in Φ200mm of aluminum or stainless steel pot which specially for outdoor use.
2. Before use, check the place around the camp stove first. Take out it from bag, and put it on the level ground.
3. Take off the pot stand, reverse and insert it in fuel chamber.
4. Check the pot stand whether it is stability.
5. Turn the feeding mouth of pot stand to downwind direction.
6. Startup:
    A. Choose dried kindling to light the fire to avoid smoke.
    B. For wood or twig fuel, split it into small bar first, the length is less than 100mm, Φ50mm to get the best fire.
    C. For the waste paper or newspaper fuel, split it into the size of half A4 paper, then knead it shaped like ball less than Φ50mm .
    D. For the paperboard fuel, split it into small bar first. The same as B.
    E. Put fuels to stove chamber loosely. Do not blocking the holes on the side of chamber, to let the oxygen flow in and burning well.
    F. At the step of lighting fire, avoid using too big, wet or damp fuels. Add the dense fuels (e.g. larger twig, nut shell, pine cones etc. )after the temperature of stove chamber increase high.
7. Burning: 
    After arranging the fuel, light the tinder or other kindling, put it into stove chamber to make the fire.
8. When the flame begins to flee to the pot stand, put the pot on the pot stand. Start to cook the meal.
9. When cooking, please observe the flame, keep feeding the fuels at right amount.
10. In the process of burning, loose the fuels and embers in the stove chamber, to let the fire burn well. Reduce the smoke.
11. After cooking, use ember to the food warm, or storage the ember for the next cooking.
12. Clean the stove, put it into bag after the temperature goes down when finished all.



Unfolded Height: 270mm
Folded Height: 230mm
Folded Diameter: 120mm
Weight: 1.22kg
Material: SUS 304 Stainless Steel
Max Bearing Load: 75kg
Use the aluminum or stainless steel pot of size in Φ500mm


Take a close look at it:



There are more than 4000 heat emission holes:


The fan blower is at the bottom:


Anatomy Of  Stove:

1. Combustion Chamber: Temperature of chamber can be up to 1000-1400 degrees centigrade. The ash can be potassium.
2. Pot Stand: The stand with overturn function can support small and big pot.
3. Ventilation Hole: To ventilate the heat from the stove body.
4. Fan Blower: To impulse enough oxygen into the chamber to burn the fuel sufficiently.
5. Wind Shield: Performing the function of shielding the wind.
6. Feeding Mouth: Adding the fuel into the chamber from here.
7. There are more than 4000 heat emission holes.
8. Outer Shell Of The Stove: Made of high quality stainless steel. High temperature resistance. Durable service.
9. USB Connector: USB cable fan blower. USB connect to the power bank. Very low energy consumption.



1. This product is only for outdoor use. Do not use in space without ventilation.
2. To avoid the product overturned when it being use, place it on the flat ground.
3. This stove is only designed for solid biomass. Never add liquid such as alcohol, gasoline etc.
4. Never add plastic to prevent poison gas hazard.
5. Turn the feeding mouth of pot stand to downwind direction when burning.
6. Metal surface (Pot stand support, barrel of stove) will be hot when stove is operating. Do not touch it.
7. Never try to move stove when it is operating. It can present a burn hazard.
8. When finishing cooking, take off the pot stand support, pour out the ashes and clean the chamber after the stove surface become cold. Extinguish ember with water, or bury it with earth to avoid the mountain fire.
9. Keep out of reach of children.
10. Keep Camp buddy in a cool and dry place.


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