Gear Review Program

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Apply to Test Discounted or Free Products from GEARFINE!

GEARFINE offers discounted or free products to test. We provide you with a coupon code to use at checkout to get the discount on the item up for review. After you receive your item, be sure to test our product within 7 days and make a detailed report about our product.

We're looking for photographers to test and keep the GEARFINE...for FREE!

Products Testing Tips:

1. Create an account and login to GEARFINE.
2. Follow our Facebook page or profile, Instagram and other social medias.
3. Leave your product testing information on this page.
4. People who has repeat purchase of GEARFINE will get more chance to test free products.


1. Reviewers should test our product within 7 days.
2. Provide a 500+ words written testing report or review about product features, testing experience and other ideas.
3. We would like you upload the photos and video of the product you are interested in.
4. Sharing the product link and your reports on the social media is the best.
5. The review must be honest.

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