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Mummy Gray Goose Down Sleeping Bag

(Black Ice)G Series
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Pls Note:

1. Each bag gets a Comfort (or T-Comfort) temperature rating, a Lower Limit (or T-Limit) temperature rating and a Danger (T-Danger) temperature rating.
2. The Comfort temperature rating is the lowest temperature at which the bag will keep the average "cold sleeper" comfortable.
3. The Lower Limit (or T-Limit) temperature rating is the lowest temperature at which the bag will keep the average "warm sleeper" comfortable. 
4. The Danger temperature rating is the lowest temperature at which the average "cold sleeper" will feel cold and uncomfortable to sleep in the bag. Don't use the bag below the Danger temperature.
5. Ratings are based on a person wearing one long underwear layer and a hat, sleeping on an insulated surface.
6. The rating is intended as a guideline to help you compare products, rather than a guarantee of warmth.

Technical Specs: 
Best Use: Backpacking, Camping
T-Danger / T-Limit / T-Comfort (C): 
     Black Ice G200: 11℃ / 16℃ / 21℃
     Black Ice G400: 0℃ / 5℃ / 10℃
     Black Ice G700: -10℃ / -5℃ / 3℃
     Black Ice G1000: -19℃ / -14℃ / -7℃
     Black Ice G1300: -31℃ / -23℃ / -16℃
T-Danger / T-Limit / T-Comfort (F):
     Black Ice G200: 51.8℉ / 60.8℉ / 69.8℉
     Black Ice G400: 32℉ / 41℉ / 50℉
     Black Ice G700: 14℉ / 23℉ / 37.4℉
     Black Ice G1000: -2.2℉ / 6.8℉ / 19.4℉
     Black Ice G1300: -23.8℉ / -9.4℉ / 3.2℉
Size Of Black Ice G200, G400, G700, G1000:
     Middle Size: 80cm* 195cm
     Large Size: 85cm* 205cm
Size Of Black Ice G1300:
     Middle Size: 80cm* 205cm
     Large Size: 90cm* 215cm
Bag Weight: 
     Black Ice G200: 440g(Middle Size) / 465g(Large Size)
     Black Ice G400: 710g(Middle Size) / 730g(Large Size)
     Black Ice G700: 1020g(Middle Size) / 1040g(Large Size)
     Black Ice G1000: 1330g(Middle Size) / 1350g(Large Size)
     Black Ice G1300: 1640g(Middle Size) / 1660g(Large Size)
Zipper: YKK
Filling: 90% 700-fill-power water-resistant gray goose down treated with teflon
Fill Weight:
     Black Ice G200: 200g
     Black Ice G400: 400g
     Black Ice G700: 700g
     Black Ice G1000: 1000g
     Black Ice G1300: 1300g
Water-Resistant Down: Yes
Can Be Spliced: Yes, the red can be spliced with the blue
Sleeping Bag Shape: Mummy
Shell: 15-denier nylon taffeta treated with DWR
Zipper Location:
    Red: Left
    Blue: Right
Normal Packing Size And Volume:
     Black Ice G200: 25cm* 13cm / 3L
     Black Ice G400: 33cm* 17cm / 7L
     Black Ice G700: 36cm* 19.5cm / 10L
     Black Ice G1000: 39cm* 22cm / 13.5L
     Black Ice G1300: 41cm* 26cm / 18L
Compressed Packing Size And Volume:
     Black Ice G200: 14cm* 13cm / 1.7L
     Black Ice G400: 17cm* 17cm / 4L
     Black Ice G700: 19cm* 19.5cm / 6L
     Black Ice G1000: 22cm* 22cm / 8L
     Black Ice G1300: 24cm* 26cm / 11L
List: A sleeping bag, a normal packing bag, a compressing packing bag
Gender: Unisex

There are two colors: Blue and Red. G200 doesn't come with a colar.

Product Details:

Product Details:

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